Comfy has extensive experience in the design of various cow brushes. We have used this experience to develop a special pig brush together with a number of pig farmers.The robust design takes into account the environment in which the brush has to work. In addition, we have implemented many features aimed at maximising animal welfare, safety and, of course, energy consumption.

The Comfort Pig pig brush from Comfy is an angled, rotating brush that has been specially developed for pigs. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and extra long brush shaft, difficult-to-reach places can be brushed with ease. The extra long shaft and ergonomic shape of the Comfort Pig pig brush are ideal for brushing a large surface area and hard-toreach areas such as the head, back, tail and the side of the pig. The brush has two directions of rotation and each time it starts up, it turns in the opposite direction. The brush is triggered by the pig moving it up or down and will continue turning for a long time after start-up to allow effortless brushing of the animal. An additional advantage is that the brush keeps on turning once the animal has moved away. This enhances the appeal for another animal to start brushing.